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How does it work?

Titan runs on the command line. It's easy to use, runs almost on anything and comes with a manual page.

Titan is more than just a password manager, since version 1.2 Titan also supports encrypting individual files and directories.

Latest changes are available in the NEWS file.

Titan uses OpenSSL library to perform the encryption. AES encryption is used with 256 bit keys. Password database is also protected from tampering by using a keyed-hash message autentication code (HMAC). Unique, cryptographically random initialization vector is used during the encryption. New initialization vector is generated each time the password database is encrypted.

For key derivation, PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC is used along with salt and SHA256 hash algoritm.

Password storage

Titan uses SQlite for storing the passwords. Database schema is simple and easy to make compatible with other password managers.


Titan is available on Github.

To install Titan from the source code, for example, on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
cd titan-directory
sudo make install

Documentation and support

First of all, here's a screenshot.


For documentation see titan --help and man titan(1).

Bug reports and feature request, please use the project page. I do also read email. If possible, do use PGP. Here's my public key.

There's also an IRC support channel #titanpasswordmanager@Freenode. Welcome.

Simple examples how to use Titan:

Create a new database:
 titan --init /home/niko/passwords.db
Add new password entry, interactively
 titan --add
Encrypt the database
 titan --encrypt

To view entries in the database
 titan --decrypt /home/niko/passwords.db
 titan --list-all
Or try to search for entries
 titan --find "My search"
After working with the decrypted database, remember to encrypt it
 titan --encrypt
Titan can be also used for encrypting files:
 titan --encrypt-directory /home/niko/Documents/

See man titan(1) or titan --help for more information.


Donations are needed and very useful. Please consider donating, it really helps.

Contact me if you want to donate some other way. Packaging Titan for your favorite GNU/Linux distribution is a great way to contribute.